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Date archive for: October 2015

Reducing Teething Problem with Amber Teething Necklace

Amber teething necklace is now highly popular for infants and they are considered to be healing medicines. Amber is acquired in a resin form from trees and so it comes with high natural content. This is one of the valid reasons that these can be kept close to a baby’s skin and this implies even mothers can wear the necklace.

Buying original stones is recommended, so that you do not buy any plastic instead of amber. The need for original amber teething necklace is because even with the heat from the mother or the baby’s body, it may produce natural analgesic drug. The advantage is that this is a pain killer causing no side effects and is widely used in European countries. Yet, while buying, consider the beads smoothness and color, besides the medicinal values. The appropriate length is 12” or 32 cm.

Amber is a natural analgesic, yet while buying you must check how it is made. It should have a knot after each bead. This is required as a safety measure such that even if the necklace breaks, the beads do not come out. In fact, Baltic teething amber necklace is a great choice as they are round beads and due importance is given to child’s safety.

Teething, in a child varies with every baby and so is the healing agent. Wearing the Baltic amber teething necklace, your baby looks very cute as it suits both alike, girls and boys. Even if there are less painful outbursts and fewer nights waking, it will subside slowly and become normal.

Amber teething necklace baby

The amber teething necklace has the magical healing power and there is a remarkable difference. There is no indication of teething problem after wearing this necklace. In fact, over time, your baby’s teething bouts may seem to be less harsh than earlier, when your baby never wore this necklace.

The main idea of using amber is because it has a natural pain reliever. Especially, a Baltic amber teething necklace is very effective as it is from the Baltic Sea. Hence it has immune boosting properties that over time reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with teething pain.

Amber contains succinic acid in high concentrations and this offers natural pain relief, thereby promoting a healthy immune system. The advantage is apparent when amber comes into contact with the skin; it gets warm and releases the succinic acid that gets absorbed in the baby’s skin offering pain relief.